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Phil contributes to the Health Sector, and the Cancer Supportive Care Sector in particular, wherever and whenever he is invited and able.

He does not charge for this work where not-for-profit organisations are involving him (for-Profit companies may contact Phil to establish a fee for his involvement with you). Where costs are associated with pro bono work (air and land travel, accommodation, etc), Phil needs his hosts to cover these.

Phil is always happy for cancer patients or their whanau to connect with him for free advice on non-medical aspects of their cancer journeys. Phil knows New Zealand’s cancer support sector well. In addition to lending some of his own experience to their cause, he often acts as a sign-post to NGO-based services people will benefit from accessing.

The Art and Science of Supportive Care in cancer treatment and post-treatment have long been Phil’s passion and he is a lay-expert in the area. Phil has been involved in the cancer patient support area as an independent contributor (though working mostly with cancer NGOs), for almost three decades. Since 2005, he has been a prolific contributor, mostly as a guest speaker where he has spoken to over 20,000 people at 150 forums. For a full overview of Phil’s cancer sector involvements to date, please click following.

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